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Job Ref: 27496 – IT Specialist position with Afghanistan SUPPORT-II Project in Kabul

Manage the deployment, monitoring, maintenance, development, upgrade and support of all IT systems including network, and security and Network management system.
Ensure security of the corporate CHECCHI-Support II network and applications.
Monitoring of the computing resources to provide a stable and responsive environment.
Maintenance and enhancement of Enterprise Resource Planning system and enhancement of the Data storage system.

Responsible for the designing, implementation and maintenance of four phases Network ICT infrastructure for the Business Offices and Guest Houses.
Develop project planning diagrams for four Phase ICT infrastructures.

Troubleshooting, maintenance, deployment of computers and IT and VAST related equipment, also the wired and wireless network of the Office, guest houses and remote locations.
Installation of software and hardware of computers.
Evaluate and/or recommend purchases of computers, network hardware, peripheral equipment, and software.
Implementation and Configuration of Cisco NAC appliances and NAC controllers.
Implementation and Configuration of different components of Cisco works.
Implementation and Configuration of Cisco Wireless Controller and Cisco Wireless Control system.
Implementation and Configuration of different level of QoS on Cisco routers and Switches
Implementation and Configuration of Cisco Routers 7200 series
Implementation and Configuration of QoS on Cisco Routers and switches

Install, configure, and maintain personal computers file servers, Ethernet networks, network cabling, and other related equipment, devices, and systems; adds or upgrades and configures modems, disk drives, data acquisition boards, CD ROM units, printers, and related equipment.

Prepare and maintain a comprehensive inventory of all computer, I/O devices and software existent in offices.

Monitoring proper power and environmental conditions for office technology equipment Monitoring and managing the performance of all or part of the network, and performing Reconfiguration work as required.

Develop system and procedures to ensure timely repair/maintenance of the IT and Telecommunications equipment. Train all IT team to meet our standard IT knowledge and best practices.

Creating the backup system for all users files and making backups of all related documents on time.

Monitor and maintain technology to ensure maximum access