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Job Ref: 26502 – IT OFFICER position with MAIL in Baghlan

A. Component A: Establishment of 5 OFWM project areas in Herat, Bamyan, Jalalabad, Mazar-i-Sharif, and Kabul comprising of total of 50,000 ha. This component contains three sub-components
(i) Establishment and/or strengthening of water user organization in order to enable them to assume their role in operation and maintenance (O & M).
(ii) Improvement of the physical irrigation infrastructure to reduce system water losses and facilitate equitable water distribution.
(iii) Dissemination of improved water saving techniques including (a) more efficient irrigation methods, (b) more efficient water distribution systems, (c) agronomic water saving measures
B. Component B: Strengthening MAILs Capacity in OFWM at the national, provincial and district levels in the project areas.
C. Component C: Project management, implementation and coordination