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Job Ref: 25962 – General Director of Information Technology position with Ministry of …

The objective of the assignment is to run the ICT General Directorate; the aim of ICT General Directorate is to build the required Information Technology competencies in the country, which are highly desirable in twenty first century. The major objectives of IT directorate are: the transformation to Electronic Government, the development of Software and hardware Industry, the building of the state of art infrastructure and development of a qualitative pool of human resource.
The ICT General Directorate will be working on the national agenda to have a sound and sustainable ICT base resulting in the socio economic development of the country and the attainment of the vision for a better Afghanistan. To that end, the General Directorate will work on various programs for ICT penetration and promotion all across the country and develop the required laws, policies and regulations to ensure the effectiveness of the IT industry and the government initiatives. The General Directorate will be the national focal point for the ICT sector in the country.
MCIT has conducted tremendous amount of work in the fields of Information Technology (IT) and telecommunications during the last decade, however, because of technological development and the needs in the country it is desired to extend the applications of ICT to other sectors. Therefore, the ICT Directorate has been promoted to a General Directorate within MCIT in 1391 and further directorates have been created within this General Directorate. The newly created directorates within the General Directorate of ICT are the E-Government, Information Security, and Technology and Innovation. A centralized leadership for the various pillars of the Information Technology within the ministry is vital and would serve as a strong leadership to lead the ministerial and national agenda of IT in the right direction.