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Job Ref: 25883 – Engineer – IT MOC position with MTN Afghanistan in Kabul

MOC Engineer analyzes problems, perform troubleshooting, communicate with site technicians and other MOC Engineers, and track problems through resolution.
When necessary MOC Engineer escalate problems to the appropriate stakeholders, for severe conditions that are impossible to anticipate, such as a power failure or a cut optical fiber cable.
MOC Engineer has procedures in place to immediately contact technicians to remedy the problem.
Primary responsibilities of MOC Engineer personnel include:
1. Network monitoring
2. Incident response
3. Communications management
4. Reporting
MOC Engineer often escalate issues in a hierarchic manner, so if an issue is not resolved in a specific time frame, the next level is informed to speed up problem remediation.
MOC Engineer personnel may perform extra duties; a network with equipment in public areas (such as a Mobile Network Base Transceiver Station).