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Job Ref: 25074 – District Engineer Qarabagh-Ghazni position with AECOMSIKA-East in Ghazni

SIKA-East Intermediate Results (IR) 2 Provincial and District Entities understand what organizations and provincial line departments work in their geographic areas, what kind of services they provide, and how to access those services.
The District Support Unit (DSU) team leader will be based in Jaghtu of Ghazni province with frequent travel to the province and villages within the district. He will be primarily responsible for facilitating SIKA East program in the focused district and (possibly other districts) within the province. The District Team Leader main focus will be on Promotion of Stability and will assist the District Rural Rehabilitation Department (RRD) representative and district entities in program planning, project design, implementation and monitoring of projects. He will also build and maintain close working relationship with relevant District Entities, such as RRD, District Development Assembly (DDA), Community Development Council (CDCs), District Government Offices, etc., and act as the main SIKA East point of contact for district level interventions.
The District Team Leader will receive an annual Training and Enrichment Plan (TEP) with quarterly assessments of assistance and progress from his/her supervisor outlining the types of capacity building and mentoring the employee will receive from the supervisor during the year. The TEP is to be given to the employee for his/her review, allowing for collaborative revisions based on the employees personal professional goals, in line with the overarching programmatic goals.

The District Team Leader will undertake a wide range of IR2 tasks, including but not limited to those stipulated below: