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Job Ref: 24900 – DATABASE DESIGNERJHRA PROJECT position with UNDP Afghanistan in Kabul

Functions / Key Results Expected:

The Consultant (Database Designer) will provide support to the HRSU office for the implementation of the database system and reformatting of the current HRSU website:
Summary of Key Functions:

The Consultant (Database and web designer) is responsible for creative ideation, design, development, and implementation of a database and website for HRSU in close coordination with HRSU head.
Advise and provide the appropriate tools and mechanisms (programs and software) for the design and establishment of a harmonized database and website aimed to collect and store HRSU office electronic information.
Develop the HRSU website to make its design more attractive and aesthetically pleasing.
Design, develop and implement HRSU user interface and interface functions (data entry forms and different reports) for database and website, using efficient technology of international standards.
Design and develop web-based user interface (forms) to modify and update the data in the system based on the tracking mechanism to be provided by HRSU.
Integrate designed HRSU database into a comprehensive user interface.
Design and develop security procedures and tools to protect and prevent access of unauthorized users from the database and website.
Perform and troubleshoot data back-up and archiving on a regular basis.
Create complex functions, scripts, stored procedures and triggers to support application of the database and website.
Assist in software documentation and preparation of user guide, user manuals and CMS.
Work in partnership with HRSU IT staff to ensure ongoing transfer of knowledge concerning the database and website development process.
Train relevant HRSU staff on usage and maintenance of website and database, including generation of forms and reports, updating database software to latest version/release, backing up database, emergency restore and recovery procedures of database, creation of business continuity plan (BCP).
Ensure data quality, integrity and privacy in an efficient and effective database.