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Job Ref: 24455 – EMIS Officer position with Ministry of Education MoE in KunarWardak

Responsible for monitoring of the implementation of the national education strategic plan, Supporting the provincial education directorate in preparation of provincial and district annual operational plans, Responsible for the development of data collection and data collection mechanism, database management, data processing and analysis at the provincial, district and school level, the incumbent is responsible for the reporting of the activities of the provincial education directorate on monthly, quarterly, six months and annual basis. He/she will also be responsible for updating the EMIS central consolidated database on the set schedule for the respective province.
Education Management Information System (EMIS) as an integrated information system encompassing student, teacher, infrastructure, curriculum development and distribution, administrative data, and other education related data management components based on national and international standards to automate Ministry of Education day to day operation in the long run. And grant provision of timely and accurate information for sectoral and cross sectoral analysis, planning and decision making purposes as an immediate objective. Furthermore EMIS will function as the main data bank of the Education Ministry. It involves analysis, design, development and implementation of information systems distributed by location using data standards to ensure data sharing and integration. MoE has conducted a survey of all educational facilities that forms the baseline for education data and has developed a database to hold the survey data, which is the first building block for the development of the EMIS. The EMIS needs to be further developed, enhanced and decentralized in order to fulfill the intermediate and long term data needs of the ministry.
Ministry of education needs competent and qualified staff to develop additional EMIS components and enhance current EMIS modules at the central and provincial levels.