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Job Ref: 23471 – IT Network Engineer Re-Advertised position with AECOMSIKA-East in Kabul

The network engineer will be responsible for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting the entire SIKA-EAST network with priority given to the provincial and districts Offices. The position requires extensive short notice travel to provide almost exclusive IT support to SIKA-EASTs provincial and district offices. The primary task is to ensure that SIKA-EASTs networks are operating flawless in order to provide maximum performance of the networks infrastructure and its availability to the end users. The network engineer will work part of an organizations IT support team and have extensive short notice travel to SIKA-EAST provincial and districts offices.

The network engineer will receive an annual Training and Enrichment Plan (TEP) with quarterly assessments of assistance and progress from his/her supervisor outlining the types of capacity building and mentoring the employee will receive from the supervisor during the year. The TEP is to be given to the employee for his/her review, allowing for collaborative revisions based on the employees personal professional goals, in line with the overarching programmatic goals.

The network engineer will undertake a wide range of gender-related tasks, including but not limited to those stipulated below: