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Job Ref: 23398 – Reporting and Database Senior Assistant position with Ministry of Education …

Reporting and Data Base Senior Assistant is to assure that all the construction chores are going on in accordance to the project scope of work and design.
He or she has to check that every phase of construction project is done according to the contract and the design of the project is correctly deployed.

To support the Department of Infrastructure Services of MoE provide the required technical assistance, The Reporting and Data Base Officer will work under the guidance and direct supervision of the ITA for the DANIDA program and will be responsible for the preparation and submission of the regular reports, coordinate and communicate information between the different ISD sections and other MoE relevant departments, including but not limited to support the planning section of ISD in the achievement of its objectives in producing and disseminating information about the projects status which is classified into different reports, and to collect, edit, analyze and compile the different reports from the DANIDA provincial Engineers. Holder of this position will work closely with the ITA for the DANIDA Program based in MoE Infrastructure Service Directorate, and Database and Reporting Team of the planning section of ISD , in relation to interface and report all relevant reports and information to the relevant sections of the ISD Directorate.