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Job Ref: 23146 – Monitoring Information and database development Specialist National position …

The consultant shall form part of the National Coordination Unit (NCU), while working extensively with both PIUs, particularly with the M&E team, GIS team and Social Inclusion Unit (SIU) of MRRD and MoPW PIUs. The consultant will also involve the regional staff involved in the M&E activities. The consultant will liaise with MIS units of the MRRD and MoPW to integrate the M&E system with the two ministries M&E system. The specialist will assist the M&E teams in improving and upgrading the current MIS and M&E system in accordance with the proposed and approved program design.

The MIS Specialist besides working with M&E team, GIS team and Social Inclusion Unit (SIU) shall work closely with other consultants from other department such as, technical procurement and contract management section. He/She should be able to communicate and agree with them all the necessary progress monitoring indicators of each component to be establish in the data base for purposes of regular monitoring, project assessments, supervision mission, mid- term review, end of project impact assessment as well as those data required in various project related studies. Likewise, the MIS specialist shall be the major responsible person to enhance /install and make the functions of the existing MIS of both ministries operational; meaning all the M&E concerned units including the Finance department should be linked with each other and to the main M&E station at the national data base center.