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ICT Experts in Mazar organize the first iHub Meeting

ICT Experts in Mazar organize the first iHub Meeting

The iHUB meeting began with the reciting of some verses of Holy Quran. Total number of 10 participants from different organizations attended the iHUB meeting however, 20 participants were expected.

Mohibullah Farzam Mazar AMMC Manager delivered welcome speech and a short introduction been made among the participants.

DSC_0152After the introduction, AMMC Manager presented the participants the scope and the history of the iHUB as well as the co-founders and briefed the participants for the iHUB goal and objectives.

The participants were provided with refreshment and during the refreshment discussions on advantage of the iHUB have been made among the participants.

Mr. Ahmad Farid Kazimi the CED of Kazimi Host used the opportunity and presented the services his company provides and said: “It is almost three years I started providing the Civil Society Organizations, Private sectors, commercial companies and educational institutions with domain/ subdomain hosting and web servicing” Kazimi Host besides domain hosting helps applicants with Website developing both in local and English languages, Kazimi host is now a days looking to somehow purchase a dedicated reliable server to provide all the customers with domain hosting and website and expand it service across the country, Kazimi host is also provides agencies with ICT solution and consultation Mr. Ahmad Farid Kazimi said.


Farzam AMMC Manager later has presented the telecommunication status in Afghanistan. This presentation was totally informative for the participants and the participants have been updated of the ICT infrastructure and growth since a decade in the country.

The iHUB was totally interesting for the participants and the participants expressed their deep appreciation and have acknowledged their enthusiasm to attend the next iHUB and bring more interesting ICT topics to share among the participants.

Since the iHUB for the first time held in Mazar-e-Sharif, the participants had no prior vibrant image from the iHUB and weren’t fully aware of the iHUB objectives; however they were welling to present good ICT topics.

This iHUB meeting gave the participants a vision and idea of what iHUB mostly focus on and how the iHUB helps improvement to be brought in to the sector of the ICT in Afghanistan. The participants have been also notified of the iHUB dedicated Facebook page and were requested to regularly visit the Facebook and post the events connected to the ICT and give useful and technical recommendations so at a result a big evolution being made and the iHUB group brings aggressively positive changes on the ICT sector across the country.

DSC_0146Mr. Abdullah, ICT Assistant for WFP expressed his appreciation and said “It is the first time I am attending ICT gathering in Mazar-e-Sharif, the iHUB meeting really was interesting to me and specially it was really good opportunity not only for me but for everyone to meet and establish contact among each other for exchanging our ICT expertise in the future”.

Mr. Jawad, ICT Manager of GIZ Head Office also expressed his happiness connected to the iHUB and promised of his active associates on the improvement of iHUB.

The meeting later after 1 and half hour discussion adjourned with AMMC Manager appreciations.

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  1. It is good to see the ICT experts in Mazar gathering. I hope the same culture of learning and sharing is continued.

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