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First iHub Meeting Held in Herat

First iHub Meeting Held in Herat

More than 20 IT experts and software companies representatives participated in the First Herat iHub Meeting in Herat city. The participant’s appreciated the initiative and found iHub Afghanistan useful with the hope of the initiative to be continued in the future as well.

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One of the participants Alamyar Paktin describes his experience with iHub Herat Meeting as follows:

“iHub meeting for today in WASSA office, Herat province was fun. First I’d like to thank you from all the guys that worked hard and organized this meeting. Secondly it was great to meet with all new guys gathered as IT professionals and discussed ICT issues looking forward for coming meetings with positive results. I know it was the first time and things are missed up whenever you start something for the first. Hopefully we are on time next meeting and talk more on ICT related issues”

About iHub

iHub Afghanistan (Innovation Hub Afghanistan) is a volunteer non-profit non-government open forum aiming to bring together ICT professionals and experts from across Afghanistan in order to enable them to learn, share, innovate, network, and socialize with each other and as a result be able to contribute more effectively and efficiently to the growth and development of the ICT sector in Afghanistan through collaborative facilitation and developing of more relevant and localized ICT solutions and services which will result in a wider use of ICTs for socio-economic development.


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  1. My Apologies for the previous comment. The submit button was looking like inactive, I though it may not be submitted. Any way, I hope these activities are not temporary. And the young volunteers continue to their cooperation.

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